Access Control Machine - Realtime T52, Magnetic Lock with 3 way Access Control

From ₹949/mo


Colour Screen Attendance Recorder with Access Control and Battery Backup.

It comes with Auto-Push Technology , Cloud Connectivity and RF Reader Connectivity. 

Equipped with a Fingerprint scanner this device allows access control restrictions in a PG, hostel and office. Easily programmable and can be used in various settings this access control device has optional GPRS and Wifi Connectivity. 

1.      3 way access - Fingerprint, RFID Card and Password

2.      Realtime Make - T 52

3.      Comes with 2 Magnetic locks, 2 Power adapters and 2 U/L/Z Brackets. 

4.      Push button to open

5.      LAN communication

6.      Also contains Cat - 6 Cable with Conduit.

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