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Smart Meter Solution - Single Phase

Monthly Rent   455

Dual source energy and parameter recording has never been easier with Fairent's Smart Metering Solution. Based on government certified meters it can measure active, reactive and apparent electricity energy. It removes all human intervention in metering, billing and collection with a friendly credit/debit and charge management platform. It ofers a facility to program variable tariff based on time and slab of use. 

  • Energy Meter - Single
    • Flexible and efficient hardware design
    • BIS Certified meters
    • Informative LCD display
  • Home Display Unit 
    • Can read real-time data from the meter.
    • Intelligent device with meter independent working
    • Displays sources of energy.
  • Data Concentrator Unit 
    • Serves as a connection and gateway between meter and the cloud
  • Data management Platform
    • One click solution - throught the platform.
    • Ability to search and store records.
  • IOS & Anderoid Mobile App
    • Displays electricity usage in real time. 
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